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Satellite Antennae
Satellite Antennae

As a multi cultural country Australia has seen an ever increasing demand for international television viewing. Free to Air International Channels as well as Pay TV international channels are readily available in Australia at affordable prices.

At TCX Solutions Australia we can provide you with 24 Hour Television or Radio in your language (where available) and with quality receivers you will be able to watch crystal clear channels in High Definition as well as Standard Definition formats.

There is no need to limit yourself to viewing only in your living room. Watch your favourite channels in the comfort of your bedroom or your favourite room. A connection in another part of the home will allow you the independence to watch one satellite channel while another family member watches a different satellite channel.

Alternatively, you may choose to have all the rooms watching the same channel from the one receiver. Imagine having your favourite channels being piped out from the home to an outside entertainment area or to other rooms within the home.

Channels or packages available are Greek Channels, Arabic Channels, Spanish Channels, Indian Channels, Pakistani Channels, Bangladesh Channels, Chinese Channels, Macedonian Channels, Serbian Channels, Kurdish Channels, Persian Channels, Hungarian Channels, Dutch Channels, Romanian Channels, Russian Channels, French Channels, Italian Channels, Portuguese Channels and so much more. 

Terrestrial Antennae
Terrestrial Antennae

Whether you are seeking to repair an existing antenna or simply want to upgrade to a digital ready antenna, TCX Solutions Australia can help you.

Crystal clear television reception is what TCX Solutions Australia strives for and we achieve this through careful assessment and the provision of the most appropriate equipment for the requirements at your property.

Whether you live in a single storey home or you require television viewing in your work place, no antenna system is too big or too small.

TCX Solutions Australia will cater to single domestic homes, strata units, nursing homes, and commercial properties such as shops, clubs or pubs.

Today, more than ever, Australians are being given greater viewing options and the requirements of families is for extra outlets in their homes. Extra outlets provide absolute viewing independence. Alternatively you may desire the ability to view television in all rooms from the one common source such as a DVD Player or Cable Box and TCX Solutions Australia can install it for you at a very economical price.

We endeavour to provide our clients with an extensive product range made in Australia and of the highest quality.